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Project Description
Allows you to redirect users that are members of specific roles or groups to landing pages within your DotNetNuke website. This is perfect for scenarios such as the following:

- redirect unauthenticated users to a Login page
- redirect authenticated users to a Welcome page after successful login
- redirect users to a page where they need to view/accept Terms of Service
- redirect employees who are part of a specific department in your organization to a Departmental landing page

When a user is redirected, it is possible to pass a querystring parameter on the Url ( including the ability to specify [USERID],[ROLEID],[TABID] if you want dynamic substitution ).

This module has no visible user interface for standard site visitors and multiple User Redirect modules can be added to a page if you need to specify multiple redirect rules.

The Install package contains all source code ( C# ). Enjoy :)


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